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February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day: sunny and 80, like February should be!

Happy Valentines' Day!

For all the digs people make about L.A. -- traffic, smog, crime, cost of living -- you can't quantify the feeling of walking outside on a February afternoon and getting that golden California sunshine on your face. Paradise. Paradise, then traffic.

Three things:

1) What does it say about me that in my stash I had yet another bin of single skeins, this time all in mostly oranges/pinks, already collected for some eventual project? I added a few skeins from my reds/pinks bin and I have enough here to make a scarf for a giant. I might take the suggestion from a few of ya'll and make this one into a shawl. I'm going to make it the same way as my new favorite scarf, casting on a lot of stitches and knitting the scarf longways on long circular needles.

2) Jen and I are going to see Valentine's Day (the movie). I hope it's good like Love, Actually.

3) My Valentine this year is my camera! I'm taking pictures like they're going out of style. I need to buy another camera cord, though. I left the only one I have at the office. When will they make a camera that transfers pictures wirelessly? That would be cool.

Have a good day!

Posted by laurie at February 14, 2010 11:40 AM