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February 26, 2010

That was fun!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who came out last night to Barnes & Noble. It was fun!


The best part was seeing old friends (I didn't take enough pictures, though!) like Denise:

And the next best part was at the end when it turned into an impromptu Stitch 'n Bitch meeting:

I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who's stuck with me and decided to Tivo the Olympics (or Idol!) and come out on a Thursday night. And I thank those who were there in spirit but in body were in a different time zone.

Speaking of Idol, what the heck? Tyler Grady gone and the five completely forgettable guys with the same hair get to stay? Is it because the audience is too young to remember the supercool Robert Plant rockstar stance? Totally mysterious.

Tonight it's supposed to start raining here so we're on STORMWATCH!!!! It's very exciting. Have a great weekend everyone!

Posted by laurie at February 26, 2010 7:05 AM