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February 22, 2010

Last Monday in February list

1) Time passes, woman astonished
Whoa. Can you believe it is already the last week of February? I wonder if I am somehow small-brained in the Time Passing department, as I am always astonished to wake up and discover things like, holy moly it's 2010! Or ... it's already almost March 2010! This may be a very annoying quality of mine, my constant astonishment and wonder at the turning of the calendar pages. But on the other hand ... I have retained my wonder and astonishment at things like the ever-changing pages of the calendar. I'm kind of like a puppy that way.

2) Time passes, woman too busy making three-letter words to notice
Online Boggle is the best invention ever. I have a doctor's appointment later today and the waiting room is always this long ordeal and now I can play boggle on my phone and I am actually looking forward to it. (See: "easily amused puppylike brain" above.)

3) Laundry Haiku:
Big pile of laundry
Why do you mock me like that?
I think you eat socks.

4) Blame it on the Barefoot Contessa
After watching too much tivo-d Food Network programming this weekend I want to go to Paris and make an arugula salad with warm butternut squash. And I don't even like arugula.

5) Or blame it on Gwyneth and pals
I love watching that show Spain... On the Road Again which makes me forget laundry and work and everything else that's piled up and instead makes me think of driving through the Spanish countryside with nothing ahead but a good meal and some sightseeing.

Posted by laurie at February 22, 2010 9:32 AM