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February 10, 2010

It's good to have a radio and a propensity for daydreaming when you're stuck on the 101.

Ah, Los Angeles, city of a million bikini wax options, home of the blonde, land of the screenplay. The latter could be composed on one of our freeways during rush hour but I suggest composing your next big blockbuster while seated comfortably on the Hollywood Freeway, its name alone bringing you closer to lights, action and cameras put to good use while idling:


Rainy day commute. Can it still be considered "driving" if you are just sitting still?

I'm in traffic a lot and it rarely bothers me, I love singing along to the radio and daydreaming and looking at the scenery. And I love taking pictures while I'm sitting still. I don't think it counts as distracted driving since 1) I am not actually moving for long periods of time and 2) I'm still watching traffic, albeit through a lens. I know Oprah is really pushing hard against distracted driving and I agree with her! Of course who am I to say, I never text, driving or not, my fingers are too fat to type on my phone. For goodness sakes just call me or email me if you have something to say! (Am I getting old? Is this the first sign of aging, being text-adverse?)

But some folks find that's the way to while away the freeway hours:


Me, I prefer taking pictures of the crazy beautiful sky:



And RAINBOWS! Rainbows in Los Angeles!!


That's out the back of the Jeep window. (When I said traffic was not moving, I wasn't exaggerating for heightened drama. If you want to know what this kind of traffic is like, just go to your local mall and pull into the parking lot behind a parked car and then idle, waiting for the parked car in front of you to move. That's L.A. traffic.)

Here's a rainbow over Hollywood, seen through the side door:


This morning the city is sunny and SO BEAUTIFUL, I wish you could see L.A. after a hard rain, it's the most gorgeous place on earth. All the buildings are shiny and sparkling and the air is fresh and crisp. The local mountains are covered in snow and they frame the city like a picture postcard:


And of course a beautiful day isn't complete without a cat picture!!

La Soba.

Happy Wednesday!

Posted by laurie at February 10, 2010 10:21 AM