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February 3, 2010

If there's traffic and Dallas Raines, we must be in Los Angeles.

Good morning, freeway!


How YOU doin' today?

- - -

It's an El NiƱo year, which means we're going to have more RAIN. I know, I know, you're digging out under a snowbank and saying don't cry for me Argentina with your silly rain ... but that is because you have no idea how hard it is for us Los Angelenos. We're not accustomed to all this moisture falling from the sky. We like our air to be crunchy, our roads to stay dry and our weathermen to be perpetually bronzed:

Stern Dallas Raines!

Dapper Dallas Raines!

This has been a long, hard winter. We haven't seen an 80-degree day in weeks! I even had to go buy an "umbrella" device. How ever will we survive in such conditions?


Is the cat blurry or did it melt from all the rain? We may never know!!!!

Posted by laurie at February 3, 2010 10:09 AM