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February 12, 2010

Everything has come down with a case of pink and frilly!

Just in case you somehow someway forgot that Valentine's Day was around the corner, a quick trip to the local grocery store will bring it all back in focus:


I felt like I was being pummeled with fake love and Mylar. I got my fizzy water and instant coffee and left with the quickness.

My little Valentines are at home anxiously awaiting my return:

Yeah, real anxious...

Oh, one last thing... my publicist Kim Weiss sent me this info about a new series of books that will feature real-life romance stories:

Do you have a sexy, steamy, bigger-than-life, or just plain worthwhile love story to tell? Want it romanticized by an actual romance novelist?

You can submit your own story to VOWS and qualify for one of two (or both) prizes. There will be a monthly winner in an ongoing "best story" contest. Winners will get their choice of a dozen long stemmed red roses or a box of Godiva chocolates. For details, click here.

My romance story that involves an amazing sale on Noro and a bottle of wine apparently isn't what they're looking for, but you may have just the love story to win a prize!

And on this Valentine's weekend, my pink contribution to the world will be finally finishing the baby booties that go with Courtney's baby sweater and sending them off in hopes that this gift reaches her before her child is off to college:


Happy Weekend of chocolate!

Posted by laurie at February 12, 2010 8:52 AM