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January 20, 2010

You can stand under my umbrella.


Yesterday midday we had a big storm cell pass right through downtown and there was even thunder and lightening. When the big clap of thunder came, people got out of their chairs to go look out the windows. One of my co-workers asked, "Is someone filming down here? Did they just do an explosion?" and we all said we thought it was thunder, but there was some discussion about it because there had been filming down on 5th street last week.

"No, it was thunder," someone finally said. "I remember hearing that sound once when I went to Mexico on vacation."

We're a wacky city, aren't we?

But it was GREAT for traffic, since I guess people got scared by the thunder and what it might mean for rush hour and apparently everyone went home early because I coasted home around 6 p.m. in under 40 minutes flat, which is a record even on a clear day in the summer when school is out and traffic is lighter. My coworker K. lives in my neighborhood and she and I were comparing notes about the commute and after we both said how good traffic had been she looked at me, stricken, and said, "Oh crap, I bet we just jinxed it."

We are very superstitious here about our traffic!

There were waterspouts as Dallas Raines predicted, like tornadoes of water, and they chewed up boats in the harbor and ripped up some homes and cars. In the Valley we had some wind and rain but my neighborhood is all clear and even though I am watching my roof and waiting -- knock on wood -- it's still holding for now. Just last week I was lounging on my rooftop patio thinking how great it was in January to read in the sunshine up on the rooftop and now my patio is a swimming pool. It's very exciting.

Tonight we're supposed to have rain of Biblical proportions and since K. and I jinxed traffic I can only imagine what lies ahead. But I still like the rain, it's so different from our usual sunny hallucination and it makes the city clean again, so downtown no longer smells like a human cat box and all the sidewalks are washed and even my Jeep gets a little bath.

Posted by laurie at January 20, 2010 9:24 AM