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January 7, 2010

The Dog Sweater

A few months ago I spent weeks furiously knitting on what I thought was likely the goofiest and awesomest thing I had ever made, this dog sweater:

That's the Dogasaurus Rex sweater from Patons "Another Dog's Life" pattern booklet.

The sweater was a gift for my parents' cute Pembroke Corgi. His name is Chivas, like the Scotch. (This apple did not fall far from the tree as you can see.) They knew I was making the dog some sort of garment but not the Dogasoaurus Rex! I asked my dad to measure the dog and I followed the pattern exactly and I carefully knitted and stitched and pieced and so on down to the stegasaurus spikes:

Lots of Lion Brand Wool-Ease in different colors.

But either my knitting was way off or my Dad measured a Rhino because the sweater most decidedly did not fit, which broke my heart because I SLAVED over that thing. I still can't believe I made it, it was big enough for me to wear! And I guess when they first put it on him he was not a willing participant, and did not enjoy being draped in five hundred yards of stockinette:


I was embarrassed and sad at my knitmess.

Feeling like a big old failure, I told my mom to send the stupid sweater back to me and I would find someone with a horse who wanted a handknit dinosaur turtleneck. But my mom never sent it back. This is because she is a magical person who can fix pretty much anything in the garment department. She taught me how to sew when I was very little and throughout my life she had to hem or alter pretty much everything I bought because I am ridiculously short and I would get frustrated that nothing fit off the rack. However, since this was a knitted item, it never occurred to me she could fix it with her mad sewing skills. I figured she was using it as a grill cover or something.


Without telling me, she went to Wal-Mart and found yarn in a matching color and bought herself some yarn needles and my mom, who has never knitted that I know of, somehow someway FIXED the dog sweater and surprised me with it:

You can see the little pin tucks right over the tail end. She fixed it! It's a Christmas Miracle!

Action shot!

Grrrr, I am a fierce warrior Dino-Dog!

So that is the tale of the knitting agony of defeat followed by the sewing triumph of will which is my mom. Even her fur-covered children are so short they have to get their clothes hemmed!

Some things just never change.

- - -
Thanks so much for the nice words! Have a great weekend!

Posted by laurie at January 7, 2010 10:18 AM