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December 22, 2009

Tuesday Five

Weird things I saw downtown this morning:
Guy walking across Spring Street in a dress and cowboy boots. Two armed guards with their guns drawn (!!) on Flower Street. Whole crew of guys on the Temple off-ramp from the 101 cleaning up what looked like all the fallen palm tree branches in the city congregating in one spot.

I hear that in other parts of the country people are having "snow" and "blizzards" and "ice." I have seen that stuff before on TV, like in the claymation movies all about Christmas and it looks sweet and fluffy. Out here we're having a hard winter! First, it was sunny and 80 degrees all weekend and I was low on sunscreen. Then, it got inhospitably cold overnight and today we're only going to see 60 degrees as a high temperature! How will we survive? And there is wind! (See: downed palm tree fronds, above.) My hair got messed up on the walk from the parking garage to my building and there were leaves blowing around. I was able to wear a scarf, though, the one upside of the harsh Los Angeles winter.

Santa Hat
Our office manager gave me a Santa Hat this morning and I want to wear it but I tried to put it on and my head is too big. Has my head swelled with knowledge or is this hat meant for small-headed people? Is it my ginormous forehead? Have I gained weight in my head, too? Depressing concept. Moving on.

Twitter, and then complaining
I am not sure I get the concept. I mean, I have a Twitter thingy and sometimes I write stuff, but since I never cook anything worth writing about and since even my shortest thoughts are two paragraphs long the whole thing seems like an exercise in self-editing, something I fail at miserably already. Interestingly enough, Twitter and Facebook (something I am not doing at all) are totally 100% available through our corporate firewall and yet Netflix has been blocked. Not just the "watch instantly" portion (that was blocked, and reasonably so, but you used to be able to still see your movie queue and re-arrange it) but now the entire site is blocked. So... let me get this straight. It's OK with the corporate security people for employees to spend all day on Facebook -- which they do -- but it's not OK for me to re-arrange my movie queue for six minutes on my lunch break once a week? GO FIGURE.

Noises, creaky
The building is making these creaky noises and I can't tell if it's from the wind or if we're having a mild earthquake. Which reminds me, to all those people who made fun of me for drinking instant coffee guess which one of us will be happily caffeinated during the next Big One while your Starbucks is closed? I can boil water on a gas grill and drink my Nescafe Clasico even if the power is off for two weeks... you and your fancy coffee snob preferences will be knocking on my door for some of that Nescafe love...

- - -

That's all for today. I'm grumpy but not sure why. Maybe it's because I want to be home drinking my instant coffee and re-arranging my movie queue! Ah, the jet-setting life of the single gal.

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