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December 15, 2009

There'll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting ...

This year everyone in my group at work decided that instead of buying gifts for each other we'd adopt a family. We actually got the idea from Work-Jennifer, I was asking her what she usually does for co-worker gifts in her group and she told me they'd stopped doing that years ago and now they all adopt a local family and make Christmas for them instead and I thought this was brilliant! After all, I'm not sure anyone in my group is going to just keel over if they don't get yet another Starbucks gift card.

And now most of the loot is collecting in my office and we're all going to wrap presents tomorrow at lunchtime.


Usually I buy giftcards for my own family members, so I haven't done real Christmas shopping -- picking out presents and goodies -- probably since I was married. OMG SO MUCH FUN. Corey and I both picked the little girls in the family and so I got to buy pink clothes and girly shoes and TOYS! And most of all, I got to buy The Head:


Every woman near my age in this office has walked by my open door and seen The Head and swooned, because we all remember being kids in the 70s and wanting The Head. I never had one as a child, but apparently the love endures because even these 30-odd years later I keep looking at it and it makes me happy. The moment I saw it in Target I knew that one little girl would spend Christmas morning combing The Head's hair and putting on her play makeup and changing out her bows and barrettes. There were actually two versions of The Head at Target (the other one was Barbie Wedding Day Head) and for a minute there in the pink aisle it was Sophie's Choice, WHICH ONE? HOW TO CHOOSE? But since the little girl on my list said she specifically liked Princess stuff, I went with the Belle Head.

For a brief moment I considered buying one for myself on Saturday but I can't think of anything I want to be less than a woman living alone with a bunch of cats playing dress-up with Barbie Head. You know?

Still, I have enjoyed having it on my desk for a few days....

Posted by laurie at December 15, 2009 11:11 AM