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December 2, 2009

Stuff I Like Addendum

Yesterday I forgot to include a very important item on my Stuff I Like List. (Previous lists here and here.)

Best Inexpensive Thin Sweater -- Perfect For Traveling!
Target Mossimo sweaters. Last year when I went to London in November I wrote that I packed just my thin layering sweaters, a few T-shirts and pants and I was set. I got those sweaters at Target for such an amazingly inexpensive price, so I got them in every color and wore them to death but by the time I told you about them Target had removed them from the inventory online because I couldn't find them for you. Well, they're back online and they are currently on sale!


These sweaters are so comfortable and great for casual stuff and look great dressed up, too. You can even wash and dry them right in the machine and they hold up pretty well -- and for $15 they're a steal! Here's the basic black, red and brown and they have it in plus sizes, too: plus size black, red and brown. They have other colors available online, just browse around for more options. Here is a link to all Target sweaters, too, in case you want to browse everything.

I am one of those people who can get hot in a blizzard, so I like traveling to cold places but I need to do it in thin layers so I can peel down like an onion when I start getting hot. I get really grumpy and short-fused when I'm overheated, it's one of the little charming quirks about my personality ... anyway, I have learned to dress to suit my personal climate and adjust as needed. Thin sweaters are the best! Just enough to layer over a thin T-shirt and they pack well because they aren't bulky. And you can still fit into your coat when you're wearing them. I have them in every color.

I do not look this skinny in my skinny sweater.

Posted by laurie at December 2, 2009 11:09 AM