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December 1, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions TWENTY TEN!!!

Stop eating the stuff that I am not supposed to eat.
Last year I discovered I had... something kind of like a food allergy. I am not being specific because I have no desire to be the new poster girl for this malady. And some details are just better kept to oneself. But there is now a list of foods I am not supposed to eat and I have been grumpy about it and not entirely compliant (read: sometimes not compliant at all.) Which makes me feel bad and then I get sick which is not exceptionally great. So, in 2010 I will be compliant with this food list except when I am on vacation, because I believe that's what I can reasonably do for this year.

Go on Vacation
I really want to take a vacation in 2010.

Be careful with money
To go on vacation, I need to be very careful with money. This place I'm living is more expensive, so in 2010 I want to keep good control over my finances.

Finish my first fiction book.
Then: Finish another.

Yes, two in one year. I can do it. This will also help me offset the anxiety that I have about writing nonfiction. As it turns out, if you want to keep having friends and family who speak to you, you have to be very careful with what you write and then that leaves you with no subject matter except yourself and I am tired of writing about myself. Also I have a lot of anxiety that my next book is awful and will fail so writing new things will make me less anxious.

Stop acknowledging any and all hungry pecking duck emails.
No matter what I write I will get email from someone somewhere who is an expert on something I offhandedly mentioned and they will lecture or scold me about something I wrote. And/or someone will be hateful mad about a word or sentence or just generally want to send a pecking, biting little email. It happens every single day and I know this. The fact that I still let it annoy me or that I even respond to it says more about me than it does about the emails and not in a good way. So in 2010 I am going to completely ignore and delete any and all pissy email. I will not talk about it, dwell on it, respond to it, set people straight, apologize or in any way engage. I can't control other people and make them be nice and have a sense of humor and so on. All I can control is myself and my reaction to things and so my new reaction is delete, delete, delete and forget it immediately.

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