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December 29, 2009

House Hunters International

I just k=love love lub watching this show on HGTV called "House Hunters International. (You can check your local listings here.)

I stumbled on this show and now have it as a top season pass on Tivo. It's a brief 30 minutes watching voyeristically as someone looks for a house or condo or vacation home in some new countryt. Lately it's seemed they show a lot of beachy oplaces but they do often go to Tuscany, France, Spain, Prague, Crete, Switzerland.

I love this show! For so many reasons. you get an indise view of real estate in Paris or Venice, and you get to see inside the properties which are sometimes still decorated by the original owner.

I especially love watching American couples with chikdren pick houses in say France or Germany, houss that learly contain families with smal childrenb (based on decor and toys) and seeing the Americans freat about the balcony or the garden wall or funny thiungs that the local real estate agent is trying to process. One woman said, "I love these windows but there are no screens, and I worry about my two kids jumping out and falling..." and he said, "Wuldn't you just tell them not to leap forth from the windows?" He said it so seriously and earnestly that I realized there are whole nations where children are simply instructed not to leap out of the window. And they do not.

But who am I t judge? Last year I was thinking of hauling ass to France and the buggest argument me and the person in france had was about the windows. I need screens on the windows or the cats will fall out. I say this as someone wo has watched Bob fall off a sink. Repeatedly. We all have ur stuff.

Posted by laurie at December 29, 2009 8:20 PM