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December 18, 2009

Hot off the press....

Apparently my publisher printed the book early and shipped it off and so the tome of absurdity which is Home Is Where the Wine Is is available now instead of February 14th, so much for my little anti-Valentine's day approach. Ah well, we all know which road is paved with best intentions.


My publicist did an interview Q&A with me earlier this week, this was the first question:

KW: The cover of your book has another pair of sexy legs in high heels. Are those your legs? LP: No. Have you seen me? We had to go with stunt legs.

(One day I aspire to have the legs from my book covers.)

So, this is the scary part -- knowing it's out there and waiting and hoping that the words on the page make people laugh and praying with divine fervor that folks don't hate it but if they do they politely refrain from telling you as much. And of course if it's really a turd we'll all just make jokes about it later.

Jokes! Comedy! Stunt legs! Ah, let the weekend begin.

Posted by laurie at December 18, 2009 6:54 AM