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November 12, 2009

Love in the Time of Crochet

I wanted to write a book called, "Love in the Time of Crochet" except that I am not in love (well not with anyone who is aware of my existence, yet ... looking at you, Al Gore) and there is the small issue that I can't crochet. I can chain like nobody's business, though. I could chain around the world.

I just thought you should know.

Coffee and fashion this morning on my desk. The fall preview magazine for Bloomies had a great selection of this season's hot little knit, the infinity scarf:




Knitting one of these seems like an easypeasy project, use some big long circular needles, cast on a bazillion stitches and knit away. Maybe I'll put one on my to-do list, that would be good TV knitting. Of course if I get really lazy I could just take one of my long simple scarves and seam the ends together and voila, a circle! Infinity plus seam.

Speaking of long simple scarves, I unpacked a box last weekend and found the kitchen magnets, my 2005 tax receipts and my big green Noro garter stitch scarf:


After I did my first entrelac scarf I thought I might undo this scarf and use the yarn for another entrelac project but while this scarf was languishing in a box I decided to make an entrelac scarf using totally different Noro that I bought over the summer before I moved and realized that I have more yarn than I can feasibly use in my lifetime. I forgot how pretty it is, I love the green.

Let's hope it gets cold soon so I can wear one of my eleventynine hundred scarves. One neck, so little time!

Posted by laurie at November 12, 2009 10:27 AM