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October 30, 2009

Shake shake shake your little red handknit Mary Jane booties!

We're only now getting around to having the baby shower for the coworker that I made my first-ever sweater for. I already blabbered on and on about the sweater here, but to go with it I also made the cutest knitted shoes EVER! If I do say so myself.

I did however neglect to block them, so I stuffed them with tissue paper instead. Ah, it happens.



I am IN LOVE with this pattern, it's the Tiny Shoes pattern from Ysolda. When I ordered it the charge to my paypal account was $3.40 (that's the conversion from the British pound) and it is SO worth it! This is another very well-written pattern, easy to follow for those at the advanced beginner or intermediate skill level. I don't want to discourage anyone from knitting anything they want but for me personally I wouldn't have felt able to knit these when I was a beginner. Everyone is different, though. They're just the cutest things ever. I keep looking at these tiny little red Mary Janes and wondering how I can manipulate the pattern to fit me!

These are another pair of booties knit in the round, this time using size 4 double-pointed needles and the little bit of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino I had left over from the sweater. The buttons are the same little ladybugs I used on the matching cardigan. I followed the pattern exactly and the first shoe took me a little over two hours to make, the second shoe went faster. The pattern uses the kitchener stitch to bind off, which I had never done before and I followed the video on KnittingHelp.com and it was pretty darn easy. Isn't KnittingHelp.com the best invention ever? If I need to see how to do a stitch or if I forgot something I just pop over there and watch a video tutorial.

I found a free pattern online for another baby Mary Jane but it's in garter stitch and I wanted these to match the stockinette of the cardigan so I picked the Tiny Shoes pattern instead. Here is a link to the free pattern -- I may try it anyway, just for fun.

Blocking would have made a big difference in the final look of these little shoelets ... but I packed them when I moved and it was an hour long marathon last night to find them so I could wrap them up and give them away. I was just happy to find them. Here is the finished set:


I'm so happy with my baby gifts! I hope the recipients are happy as well.

Posted by laurie at October 30, 2009 10:01 AM