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September 22, 2009

You may think nature abhors a vacuum, but not if you have a Dyson.

Happy first day of fall!


Doesn't it look like dapper Dallas Raines is asking me to dance? Only if you have the air conditioning, my man.

Over the weekend I finally started unpacking. I got very sick right after I moved and I spent the next ten days hoping I would not die in my new apartment and be eaten by my cats. I'm much better now thanks to massive amounts of pharmaceuticals and finally some sleep. Living out of boxes was making me bonkers, so over the weekend I tried to get as much done as possible without overdoing it. I managed to get my kitchen mostly-unpacked and my clothes unpacked and things are starting to shape up, a little.

And I've got quite a nice pile going to donate to charity. Sure, most people would have done that in reverse (first, cull out donations and then move the rest) but there was just no time for all that, I had to pack and move in three days flat. It's fine, this way I can be more relaxed about it. And it's a relief to be totally out of the old place, that seemed to drag on forever, just all the little stuff that had to be taken care of. I like the bigger space, it's so luxurious to have two bathrooms. What I don't like are those people saying, "Beware! Your stuff will expand to fill your newer, bigger space!" and "Nature abhors a vacuum, you'll fill it all up soon enough!"

That is just hogwash! I don't buy it for one second.

Of course if you believe that old adage it will come true for you. But I don't believe it and so it isn't true for me. Like, I believe things happen in threes so they do. But if I were from a place where everything came in fours and I bought into that belief I am sure I'd see four of everything instead of three.

So I absolutely do not believe that having more space means having more stuff. In fact, I plan to do just the opposite. Luckily I have discovered that objects do not just magically appear in the house each night as I sleep. The cats are not out shopping all day while I'm at work. The only way stuff enters my house is when I bring it in myself with my own hands by my own choice. So I'm the one in control of the stuff, not the other way around.

Right now I'm all about the one in/one out rule. Whatever comes in, something must go out. And for some stuff (books and yarn, ahem) I can go a loooong time without shopping at all. I have enough yarn and books to last me through the apocalypse.

As I unpacked my books on Sunday I made a stack of all the books that I either haven't yet read or want to re-read and I'm putting them on their own shelf so I can "shop" from my own supply instead of buying more. I know people who use the library exclusively -- my mom does that-- but I buy books because I prefer to support the author with my money (karma, etc.) and anyway, I own a lot of books that I have yet to read and it was fun stacking them on their own shelf like my little personal bookstore.

Yarn is a whole 'nother story. I AM NOT BUYING ANY MORE YARN. I have enough yarn to keep me busy for weeks and months and years. I have decided that unless I am making a project that is a gift for someone else AND I have absolutely no yarn on hand that will work AND I plan to cast on for said project within 24 hours of buying the new yarn, no more yarn shopping will happen possibly ever but definitely not until June, 2010 (I'm such a little nerd, I love to set myself dates and goals). I figure I can buy myself some yarn for my birthday next year or something. My stash is embarrassing. I can guarantee you I could knit all day every day between now and next June and still have plenty left over. Also, I sense I am not alone in this arena. I have seen Ellen's stash and mine is a tiny shadow of the master stasher! But I do have plenty. There's just something about having beautiful yarn that's addictive.

Not getting much done during the week, though, by the time I get home I'm worn out. Hopefully I'll be feeling better and back to 100% by next weekend. It sure would be nice to get rid of the rest of these boxes.

Frankie helps keep me from overdoing it.

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