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September 6, 2009

We're here.

Current conditions are boxy, with more boxes ahead! but we're in and finally the cats have come out from the closet and are eating a normal breakfast. The first night, one hid behind the fridge and everyone else vanished into cupboards and closets. The cupboards and closets are relatively bare since everything is still packed and stacked. How did I fit this much stuff into that little tiny house?

A few months ago I signed up for a two-day seminar over Labor Day thinking how convenient to spend two full days at a seminar and then have a Monday off for relaxing. Of course then I'd have no way of knowing I was would be moving that weekend, just up and move in a week flat. I'm so bone-tired I almost fell asleep in yesterday's afternoon session of the workshop. Crazy. But it's non-refundable and so, I am going again today. Boxes be damned.

The move was arduous, the hottest day of the year and I pulled an all-nighter beforehand, worried I'd never get it all done (you never do, or maybe you do but I tend to run out of boxes at 3 a.m.) and so I still have a few carloads of little junk to bring over myself. On Friday I went back over there and cleaned and then later that day the landlord and his wife did a walkthrough -- they're the nicest people you'll ever meet -- and they were both happy for me that I'm moving closer to work and out of my "transition" place (which lasted five years, ahem) and then Miss Nancy turned to me and said, "You have just been so clean, Laurie! I think this house is even cleaner today than when we rented it to you!" and she smiled and I grinned ear-to-ear. One of my personal philosophies in life is to do your best to leave things just as good or better than how you found them. I especially wanted to do that for the little house in Encino-adjacent.

Now I'm going to unload my Jeep from yesterday's carload (I was too tired after the seminar to unload anything but a bottle of wine and a Lara bar.) My legs already feel like I have been on a stairmaster for two days straight! The washer and dryer are on the top floor of my apartment, so to get a clean shirt (all my stuff is still packed, I'm just washing the same clothes over again) I feel like I climb a small mountain. It's going to be great built-in exercise or so I keep telling myself groaningly. Then I have a pile more to get at the old place and then there is the workshop to attend at 10 a.m. and at least by the end of the day tomorrow I should be done over at the old house and can focus on the new one. I think we're going to be very happy here. I know that once I can find my pants I will be even happier. And my socks. And the coffee pot. The only thing that is easy to find is yarn... it's EVERYWHERE. It's all arranged neatly in its mountain of plastic see-through bins sorted by color, fiber type or project. One of the moving guys asked if I worked for a yarn shop. "You really have a LOT of yarn," he said. "You must work in a yarn shop, right?" I lied. I said "Yep, sure do. Why else would anyone have so much yarn?"


Posted by laurie at September 6, 2009 5:28 AM