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September 24, 2009

So that was nice!

Comments lasted a grand total of what... not even a month? Awesome!

Yesterday I wrote a little sentence at the end of my entry about pot roast. I offhandedly mentioned we're having a group lunch potluck thingy today at my job and the theme is to bring an item creatively made with peanuts in an Iron-Chef inspired taste-off. You guys always have the best ideas, so I thought I'd ask for recipe suggestions.

A few hours later I went to read the comments to see what new and unusual dishes my creative Internet friends make with peanuts and I found a bunch of nasty, bitter mean-spirited comments about peanuts. PEANUTS. I think I let out an audible UGH!!!!!!!!!!! Good grief on a cracker.

I can assure you all that:

1) Had I wanted a vitriolic diatribe on peanut allergies I would have googled it. I did not. I was not really that interested in vitriolic diatribes. I was however quite enticed by the recipe for Asian cole slaw.

2) The person planning the potluck checked with everyone first to make sure no one would keel over from some peanut butter fudge so you do not have to contact Human Resources, a legal representative or the ACLU, but thank you for the offer. (Also, why does this require explaining?)

3) I had no idea peanuts were the new "You're an alcoholic."

4) Our little departmental potluck is not putting you -- leaver of mean-spirited comments -- personally at risk of going into anaphylactic shock since you do not work here. I know this because I can see your IP address and if you are on my floor you have no other way to access the internet than through our subnet.

5) I kind of feel mad geeky having just said "subnet."

So, that was fun, an almost-month of comments! Say hey to your mama and thanks for the memories!

I know that there are other people who would handle stuff like that better. Some people love and embrace unasked for advice, unsolicited snarkiness and strangers pointing out that the sky is falling. Sadly, I am not other people. (I keep shopping for clothes like I am someone else though -- someone taller and skinnier. So sad. Yet, so hopeful!)

Maybe it's because I've been ridiculously sick for two weeks and I just do not have the energy or time or disposition for other people's issues. And I have at least learned that when people go off about some random thing like some complete stranger's potluck, it's their issue, not mine. I'm just so incredibly tired. I don't want to deal with other people's stuff. I had the flu. You know... THE flu. And it sapped the happy go-go right out of me. I know they say when you get sick and run-down the first thing to go is the sense of humor. I wonder if mine left forever? I dearly hope it comes back one day. ("Dear God, are you there? It's me Margaret and forget about the period, I want my happiness back.") Usually when I see mean-spirited comments I can hit the delete key without bemoaning the loss of civilized human discourse but apparently I have lost not only my sense of humor but my entire sense of whimsical bemusement. I got irritated and bitchy my ownself just reading people's blahblahblah.

Mostly I was irritated because folks seem to forget that even if the spiteful comment doesn't personally affect me, it may in fact directly insult a friend of mine who may have picked the theme of the potluck and who may read this here website and its comments. Perhaps when I get my mojo and my voice back all the way I will also get my cheerful, delete-key-happy disposition back. We'll see.

So that's that, off with their heads, no peanuts for you, pass the winesack. All this and I didn't even make anything with peanuts! I worked late last night and by the time I got home I fell onto the sofa and drooled onto the remote control. (I make single life sound SO ATTRACTIVE, do I not?) So I just brought drinks since nobody had signed up for that and it didn't require me to cook. And not cooking gives me so much more time to bemoan the loss of civil discourse!

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