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September 28, 2009

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

On Saturday night, Corey and her sister and I went to see the sing-a-long Sound Of Music at the Hollywood Bowl. I felt really bad about still being a little bit deathly even though it's been two weeks since I had The Cupcake Flu (by the way, I am hereby re-naming the swine flu. It is The Cupcake Flu. Or, alternately, the Rainbows and Butterfly Flu. You pick which strain you get.) But anyway, I was a little bit ghastly to be around the first hour or so. It was a million degrees out and we parked in Illinois and walked up Mt. Kilimanjaro to get to our seats and by the time we arrived I was ready for a nap in a chilled oxygen chamber.

Then I had a glass of sparkling wine and some little lettuce spring roll thingies and I was A-OK. Well, I was A-OK-ish.

I forgot to bring my camera and I tried unsuccessfully to take pictures on my phone, so here is the best picture I could get to commemorate this event:

My ticket.

It was completely packed, Corey said the event was sold out. Anyway, it was fun and then I spent Sunday in bed because apparently a night at the Bowl was too much for me, still recovering from Cupcake Flu.

Kind of makes you want a cupcake, though, doesn't it?

- - -

Thanks to reader Christy who wrote:

I too LOVE downtown L.A. at night. I get this exhilarating feeling, like my blood is actually dancing, like it's Christmas or Halloween or something exciting like that. It is wonderful to know that I am not alone in this! Truly, I am grateful to live in this town.

And it's true - one can find anything in the Valley. I am developing a new appreciation for the Valley. I was born and raised in Silverlake and have just started really hanging out in the Valley. I have some friends who live in Studio City and Woodland Hills...and the shopping is off the hook!!! For me, it's like a mini vacation away from the downtown and eastside areas. So here's to Friday, and being grateful, and appreciating this exciting city in which we live!

I love that feeling like your blood is dancing through your veins! I never heard it described quite that way, but I get it! And I'm happy to hear folks are even now developing love for the Valley. No matter what you're looking for I have a theory you can find it in the Valley. Well, unless it's a stable, nice, normal, unmarried, straight guy with good manners and a decent job who is not addicted to porn or in The Program or in a cult/rockabilly band/cannabis club. In that case you're on you're own. We're still part of Los Angeles, you know ... can't win 'em all!

Posted by laurie at September 28, 2009 3:43 PM