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August 5, 2009

Summertime, when the living is easy.

Did you see my boyfriend Al Gore on the news this morning? Looking good, Al! Looking good. I called Corey to chitchat about the news:

Me: You think if you and I ever get trapped overseas that our boss will send Bill Clinton to rescue us?

Corey: No.

Me: You think if we ever get trapped overseas Bill will come anyway?

Corey: Definitely. He's The Bill. That's what The Bill does.

Anyway, I watched the live news coverage this morning because I am a sucker for happy endings. I know that there are hundreds or thousands or millions of other people awaiting help in all kinds of other ways but you know what? One person's joyful moment doesn't take away someone else's chance at happiness. That's my philosophy anyway. Take pleasure in joy where you can, savor it. That's probably why I like food so much. I know how to savor, oh yes I do.

Speaking of joy and happiness, Dallas Raines had our forecast:


Don't you love how our "Fall-like weather" is 79 degrees? Autumn comes to other parts of the country bringing chill and frost. In Los Angeles, autumnlike weather is a sunny 80-degree day! It will be hotter in the Valley of course, the armpit of summer and all. But I'll take it! No one's complaining about it in my house.

Frankie loves those summer nights.

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