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August 19, 2009

And Hollywood's calling for the movie rights, singing "Hey babe let's keep in touch..."

Sometimes it's so easy to find one nagging thing to dwell upon until everything else goes grey and sour. (I'm not talking about any one specific thing, just in general. In life.) But it's so much more comforting to look for even one thing that's going right and focus solely on it so that you're not as fixated on the other stuff. It's not easier but it is so much more satisfying.

Yesterday a coworker and I were talking about this -- her boyfriend watches the news and is well-read and intelligent and watching the news and being informed is really important to him. I don't remember how we got on the topic but she and I were both agreeing that we just don't have it in us to watch all the emotionally charged stuff on TV news right now about politics and the frustration and the yelling and the breakdown of discourse. (Well, I feel that way about most of the news, getting upset about topics that I have absolutely no control over is just a waste of energy. No matter how upset I get, it has no effect on the outcome.) Is this putting your head in the sand? Or is it maintaining sanity? Guess it depends on your point of view. Whatever works for you, that's what I think.

What's going right today? The weather for one, it's so cool for August! The low clouds start coming in from the ocean late in the evenings and by morning it's cool and overcast and even in the Valley it hasn't gotten over 90 in about a week. Last night I got home and it was 79 degrees! It felt like winter. I love cold weather (or I think I do, what do I know from cold weather?) and last night the cats snuggled on me as if I were their personal heater.

The kitty posse. They're all healthy, knock on wood. (I'm very superstitious, you know.) Last night I was picking up the stitches and finishing the neckband of the little red sweater and Frankie meowed until I put everything aside and gave her all the attention. People who have animals will get it, there's something so uniquely goofy and pleasurable about having to put everything aside so you can pet and coddle and murmur to this little creature who lives in your house, especially one who ignores you most of the time.

Infecting my coworkers with yarn instead of swine flu. It is so enjoyable to come to work and see what new thing Work-Jennifer is creating (today it's a Brangelina hat in a beautiful variegated wool blend) or see how Corey is doing with her entrelac or confess to one of them that I just spent all my discretionary income this month on yarn. A few years ago I was the only knitter in my office and now it feels like everyone is in on it. I love that so many people around here are getting knocked up so I can make baby sweaters -- it must be in the water. (Also: "I'll take bottled water for $200, Alex.") The weather helps, it's easier to pretend you're knitting during a long winter in Finland when you're not sweating through your clothes at 8 a.m.

Here's more: Coffee with milk, putting your ipod on shuffle and getting songs you'd forgotten about but love, rice and beans for lunch, finding SWS on sale online and buying it in every color, being able to call dad at anytime just to say hi, finding clean trousers to wear today even though I forgot to do laundry last night, traffic lighter than usual on the way to work. Cats yawning.

Yes, it's easier to list the crappy stuff and I am naturally accomplished when it comes to complaining, but it's so much less stressful to list instead all the things that smooth out the rough edges.




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