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July 31, 2009

The obsession returns from time to time. It's my time.

My artsy fartsy morning desk picture.

Then I got hungry.
(The scarf is actually rolled up on the left into a fat knitting sausage but you can't tell from the picture.)

Sometimes I put down the needles and don't knit again for months. Maybe I'm doing other things, like reading or working or obsessively cleaning the house (depends on my stress level, I suppose.) Then there was that whole two-month addiction to online Boggle. Like everything with me, the desire to knit comes and goes in waves and right now I'm in a tsunami. I wish I could be knitting all the time! Even in my sleep! I'm quite a slow knitter and even by my standards this entrelac scarf has taken me a long time to get through yet I still love love love it and can't wait to finish it and do more.

Last night I even made a list of all the projects I want to make right now while I am gripped with The Madness. I'm pulling all my knitting books off the bookshelf in the office and dragging them to bed with me, to read and fantasize about and I'm staring at the yarn in my stash wondering what I will use for each project. I'm glad that my knitting obsession waxes and wanes because when it starts up again it's all fresh and new once more and everything that bored me three months ago looks enticing and fun.

We've even started a little knitting and crochet group here at work! Yes, that's right, people at Big Corporation, Inc. secretly emerge from their cubicles and offices with furtively concealed yarn and needles and all converge in a conference room and laugh and chat and knit and crochet on Thursdays. And it is SO FUN. The leader of the group is a guy and a banker, so already you know we're in a parallel universe where fun can occur at work, gasp. True.

Last week in our group I showed Corey how to cast on and make the base triangles and the first two tiers of the entrelac scarf and she kept saying, "Is this right? I think I twisted it, it looks all wrong..." and "But how does this work?" and I had to reassure her that if you just follow the pattern it will actually come together and make magic. And she got very excited when it all clicked into place. Entrelac is unlike anything else I have ever knitted in that you really do have to take a little leap of faith when starting ... it makes no sense at first but you just dive in and follow the pattern and it works. Eventually you get the hang of it, but those first few rows are tricky.

Yesterday was fun because I got to teach a coworker to cast on and I felt very nervous about teaching someone something but very excited because she got it. Then later I helped another coworker fix a few stitches that had been purled instead of knitted. I can't believe I know enough of anything about knitting to be able to help someone else but I even surprised myself. I guess I know a few things. Most of the time I focus on how much I don't know and discount what I do know (not just in knitting).

And the next project I'm knitting when my scarf is completed is an actual garment. Corey and I are planning to knit it at the same time so we can help each other and I am very excited, it's a gift for my co-worker who is having a baby in September. Then we have another co-worker who is having a baby in November so if all goes well with Thing #1 maybe we'll move on and knit a Thing #2. Corey picked the pattern and I've already picked out yarn and buttons and it's all very exciting. Knit, knit, knit! When the fever strikes it's so good.

Posted by laurie at July 31, 2009 9:24 AM