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July 29, 2009

Salad #21, two versions


From 101 Simple Summer Salads. # 21. Dice cucumbers (if they’re fat and old, peel and seed them first) and toss with cubes of avocado, a little mirin (or honey, but then it’s not vegan), rice vinegar and soy sauce. (You could mix in a little lump crab meat, really not vegan, even rice, and call it a California roll salad.)

I made this salad with cucumbers from my garden and a delicious ripe Haas avocado. And I added the lump crab meat, though I bought canned white crab since the fresh lump crab meat at Whole Foods was over $14 for a little tiny tub! You could definitely omit the crab, I don't think it added much (unless you want to spring for the pricey stuff, but I was not prepared to make a $20 salad).

This time I learned from my mistakes and made the dressing separately and stirred and adjusted and tasted until it was perfect, then added it spoonful by spoonful to the salad until it was enough. Tamari sauce for soy makes this salad wheat free, and I loved the taste of honey and rice vinegar combined with the avocado it almost gives a smoky taste, delicious.

I had plenty of dressing left over for another salad which I varied with some small cherry tomatoes picked fresh from the garden:

My, what a large cucumber you have.


Honestly, the salad was better without the tomatoes. They just added one too many flavors. But they were so pretty and I'm so proud of my real! red! tomatoes that I couldn't resist.

I am loving these leaf-free salads, they are so much better than a bowl of grass. And even though most people would not consider this cooking, I feel positively gourmet at this point. This is food I could actually serve to other people and not be embarrassed about. Nice!

Posted by laurie at July 29, 2009 11:05 AM