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July 30, 2009

Long day ends with happiness, then shopping

Last night Jennifer and Amber and I met up for happy hour and it was so good to see them, it's been way too long since we all got together and it feels so good to hang out with people who have known you longest and best. There's a comfort level and it is so reassuring. Halfway through I do believe I pulled out my knitting and bragged about it because I still can't get over how awesome my badass entrelac scarf is. Jen and Amber dutifully admired it and we laughed. Before long I will be stopping strangers on the street, people in traffic, anyone, everyone.


After happy hour I stopped by a little yarn shop in the valley called the Stitch Cafe. They're open late on Wednesday nights and Corey had given me a gift certificate at Christmas and it was burning a hole in my pocket (for seven months.) I really just stopped in for needles I need for my next project and of course walked out with a huge bag of delicious yarn.

I've actually shopped in this place once or twice before but now it's under new ownership and they've re-arranged the shop so it looks twice the size, and it's cozy and yet orderly now and just has a really great vibe. You know how you go to some yarn shops and you feel almost like you're intruding? Or how you suddenly feel like a terrible no good bad knitter who isn't good enough to shop there? I hate that. And the Stitch Cafe was the exact opposite of the snooty yarn shop -- I actually met the owner, she helped me with my purchase -- and she was just lovely. She was warm and kind and friendly and helpful. I wish I would have asked her name, I wanted to, but sometimes I am paralyzed with shyness and I get nervous to talk to people and I started sweating which is a bad sign. I hate being socially anxious, it's so stupid and annoying and useless and yet there it is. Sometimes it's so bad I can't look people in the eye, which was kind of happening, but she was nice to me anyway and I really liked talking to her. Oh, and their yarn selection was really good. I spent too much money. I love yarn. And I had a rough day at work so I totally justified it as therapy by shopping.

Wednesday night at the Stitch Cafe.

All in all an excellent end to a tough workday. Good friends, good conversation and then yarn shopping. Can life get any better, really?

Posted by laurie at July 30, 2009 10:32 AM