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July 6, 2009

Go big or go home (I vote for home)

Everyone in the office is talking obsessively about the Michael Jackson memorial tomorrow. More specifically, everyone is talking obsessively about the traffic situation. A lucky few (I hear) are going to try to work from home, although we don't have a work-from-home corporate culture around here, and judging from the way people look at you when you ask if you can try this "telecommuting" it seems to be synonymous with "spending the day turning tricks out on Venice Boulevard." Which is an office no-no.

So mostly people are discussing various modes of transportation based on where they live and what painful options are available. Helicoptering in seems to be the best option, but they've closed the airspace above downtown to all but news choppers and I'm having a hard time hitching a ride with the local networks. Canoe or sailboat might be a good second if only the L.A. River weren't just a paved sewage canal.

Just for once I wish that someone would pick someplace else other than downtown Los Angeles for their memorials, their riots, their protests, they May Day melees. What about cute downtown Pasadena? I bet that would make an excellent protest spot! Plus they have good shopping nearby! Or maybe one of the beach cities, like Palos Verdes. I hear it's Very Verde! Go have your traffic-snarling crazy-making party there next time. We are tired here in downtown. And we're not sure how much longer we can keep complaining.

Posted by laurie at July 6, 2009 10:42 AM