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July 24, 2009

Friday, on which I declare victory in the garden


This morning I went out back to water the garden and while I was poking around I moved some of the leaves of the cucumber plant vining its way up the trellis, and I saw beautiful, big, glossy green cucumbers resting happily all along the trellis. And right next door in the tomato plant arena there were several actual RED tomatoes!


This morning I had cucumbers for breakfast (I haven't tried the tomatoes yet.) I love cucumbers. I usually buy them organic at Whole Foods and they're eleventeen dollars each, and the skins are sometimes a little tough or bitter. These beauties from my garden are organic, did not cost much at all, and taste so much better! Even the big ones are sweet and the peel is soft and tasty, not bitter at all.

I brought one smallish cucumber and one of the big-big ones to work and sliced them and walked all around the office at 9 a.m. foisting my farm-fresh cucumbers on everyone. People gave me glowing praise for my farmerly skill, and lo, I was happy.

Tonight I'm going to try the tomatoes, which aren't really very pretty but are RED and mine as well, sliced with a cucumber and some red onion. There is a fantastic article right now on the New York Times website listing 101 simple summer salads, and blissful few contain leaves (I am not a fan of green salad, or as I refer to it, "A big bowl of leaves and grass.") Many of the salads call for cucumber or watermelon, two of my favorite foods. I'm excited to try so many of them, especially now that I have vine-ripened tomatoes and cucumbers! I have officially said the word "cucumber" 700 times this morning. Definitely a good start to the day.

I forget how good fruits and vegetables can taste until I eat something right off the vine, juicy and sweet and perfect. It almost makes summer a good season... aside from the complaining I must do about the heat, of course.


Have a great weekend!

Posted by laurie at July 24, 2009 9:28 AM