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July 2, 2009

Always with the resolutions


On New Year's Eve and again on my birthday I make resolutions. One set of resolutions is for the new calendar year and usually involves a list and revisions and sometimes even sub-headings and font changes. The other is for my birthday calendar year which happened last month, and that resolution is usually just one or two things, generally meant toward self-improvement or becoming a marginally nice person. Anyway, my recent birthday resolution was a good one but has been harder to keep than I thought.

I resolved that once a day (at least on days when I drive) I will actively allow someone else merge and/or change lanes in traffic.

This sounds silly and kind of empty to some folks. I know. Before I moved to Los Angeles "merging" and "making a lane change" were not life or death situations. But come here and visit and then you will re-think my resolution, and maybe you'll decide it is even damn near angelic of me ... especially after you try merging from the 405 onto the 101 and then getting all the way over to the right to exit at Coldwater. At rush hour.

Try it, I'll wait.

So that was the resolution I made. Then just last night I was driving home and some jerk tried to squeeze in in front of me in the 18-inch space between me and an SUV and I was so mad and I yelled, "You BLEEP, I already let my one person merge today!" and then I thought, wow. I really needed to make this resolution.


Posted by laurie at July 2, 2009 8:32 AM