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June 2, 2009

Upside-down and squashy!

Just a quick update on the upside-down gardening... my cherry tomato plant does not look like the plant in the commercial! It's gotten long and leggy and eventually I suspect it will begin to reach ground and try to walk off:


But it is green and healthy and happy and even has some yellow flowers. Who knows, I may see a real, actual red tomato this year after all. It would be a first!

My cucumber is doing REALLY well, considering this is the largest cucumber plant I have ever managed to grow to date and it has two little blossoms on it:


And the yellow summer squash in the raised bed garden are taking over the world! Honestly, I do not understand why a single organic yellow crookneck squash costs $2.00 in the grocery store when they're so prolific and crazy easy to grow. If I can have a squash overload with one single plant, imagine the payload if I were a farmer! Wait... perhaps I have missed my true calling... a squash farmer! [edited to add: Please resist the urge to share your icky squash bug stories and/or squash horror stories, call me crazy but I prefer to live in ignorant squash bliss...]



This morning I counted six little squashii. The largest one might be ready to pick by the end of the week. My zucchini plants got a very late start, I didn't plant them until last weekend and they're still very small so I hope they manage to get settled in before the weather turns hot. We've been so lucky this season so far, it's been overcast and cool almost every day, with sun in the afternoons. Usually by now my plants start to wither and die but this year we have a good dose of June Gloom and I hope it sticks around for the rest of the month. In the mornings I walk outside and just stare at my plants like a crazy person. I can't believe how much happiness my little garden brings me.

Once again I forgot to take pictures of my chili plant that has taken over the kitchen garden and is threatening to start its own country. And you'll never believe the size of my corn and pumpkin patch. It's already exceeded my every expectation. Well, tomorrow is another day!

Posted by laurie at June 2, 2009 10:48 AM