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June 12, 2009

Talking 'bout a revolution. But only after my tea or coffee.

June! I like it though, the days have been overcast in the mornings with our only real weather, June Gloom. So my garden is still alive even though I have been too busy to admire it each morning and too neglectful to water with any regularity.


The first three times I read this sticker on the car in front of me, I thought it said "Tweezers Suck" and I was surprised, because tweezers are so necessary and good. Then I realized my error. Also, could my windshield be any more dirty and crusty? For a place with no weather my car gets dirty with remarkable speed.

This morning on the bus a woman in the seat behind me talked on her phone dramatically and loudly during the entire commute. I had on my Queen Dorksalot over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones and I could still hear her really well. She was speaking in some other language, not English or Spanish, so I couldn't understand her which made it easier to ignore, it was just a long string of bleeshadosheevi, mokhuuucluuuveri noshee! with the occasional "OK" and "anyway" thrown in. But at least two men on the bus seemed to understand her, because they would turn in surprise from time to time and look back at her and frown. Other people did the shame-on-you move, which consists of a full turn in the seat, slowly, with a pointed look to determine who is talking on the phone, letting the offending person see them noticing their behavior. Then the offended party will turn around and repeat the move a few more times. It never works, by the way. The offending party just keeps on doing whatever it is you find offensive.

The commuter bus isn't like a local, it only stops a few times and then it gets on the freeway for a long stretch, and delivers its riders to a few stops on the other side of the city. It's usually full of working stiffs like me, and everyone is generally quiet but especially so in the mornings. One person talking loudly on a bus full of quiet strangers is so much more annoying than seventeen people all talking to each other on the bus. I wasn't personally outraged, especially since I couldn't make out many words and I just turned my ipod up louder. But I was amazed that anyone could be so enthusiastic about talking that early in the morning. I don't think I have ever had a whole conversation with anyone at seven in the morning.

Yesterday a coworker found me at the kitchen sink in the galley, I had just gotten to work and I was washing out my coffee mug. I hadn't had tea and I don't think I had spoken to another living soul since waking. I was still in the space between sleeping and functional. And my coworker started asking me all sorts of work-related questions about a project she's working on and I stared at her blankly and watched her mouth move and then I said, "Tea."

So it's hard for me to imagine myself chatting with vigor and speed on my cellphone so early in the morning. I guess I could do it if I had stayed up the night before, but then it wouldn't be morning, it would be more day.

The talking woman exited on my same bus stop. Right as our stop neared she hung up and got off the bus and then as soon as she was on the sidewalk she opened up her cell, dialed, and started talking again. I don't know how she determined that it was OK to talk for the whole bus ride, and OK to talk while walking along the sidewalk but she had to hang up to get off the bus. Funny.

Posted by laurie at June 12, 2009 8:57 AM