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June 4, 2009

My urban farm is full of green. Have I accidentally stepped in someone else's yard?

Every morning I go outside to my backyard -- I think it is my backyard, although it looks so different -- and I marvel at the green stuff growing everywhere. It's not mold, or algae, it's actual real live plants and not many of them are weeds. Some of the growing green things are intentionally planted and most are not only still alive, a feat in itself, but some are actually thriving. In my backyard! Will wonders never cease? Have I turned a corner? Is my life changing? Will I run into George Clooney at the market soon? Will my hair refuse to frizz? Will I one day find myself in the kitchen making something that requires more than two ingredients and the smoke alarm will stay silent? Will my panties stay elasticized for more than three months? Will they simultaneously refuse to ride up uncomfortably?

We can only speculate.

Before I brag dramatically show you my cornfield/pumpkin patch, let me first remind you of its ghetto glory merely ONE MONTH ago:


Now behold the insane wonder that is my cornfield and pumpkin patch today:


Do I mind that I will likely not harvest a single ear of corn nor a solitary pumpkin? No, not at all. There mere existence of these growing things is astonishing and reward enough in its own. Ah, if only dating were so simple.

And my dad's little heirloom chili plants -- remember the ones that he started as tiny seeds after planting each one individually and I tried to keep them alive and for the past two years they've done so-so...? Well this is the kitchen garden a month ago:


And this is it now:


LORD HAVE MERCY ON MY TASTEBUDS! That is one big ol' pepper plant! It is now four feet tall and already has its first blooms, which is record:

Blooming pepper plant!

The biggest surprise, though, is the Great Tomato Situation. So far I have spent about $75 on tomatoes and tomato soil and topsy turvyness and cages and fertilizer and younameit. Every year I do this and by late June I end up with a dried pile of twigs at the bottom of a tomato cage, which is not that great of a ROI. This year I think something in my karma has changed, somehow, somewhere, because I walked outside this morning and discovered these little green pearls:


That's right, folks. My $75 has purchased some baby cherry tomatoes in a lovely shade of spring green! Now we hold our collective breaths and wait and wonder if this will be the the year that I finally grow a single red tomato.

And then George Clooney and I will send ya'll our wedding invitations. And my panties won't ride up or fall dawn. Life is good!

Posted by laurie at June 4, 2009 11:12 AM