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May 28, 2009

Little happy thing

Yesterday my friend at work, Cindi, was chitchatting with me and I was bragging mentioning my garden and she politely asked me what I was growing and I told her about my vegetables in effusive, excessive detail. Then I also mentioned I had just about every cooking herb I could ever use or not use, depending on if you think a baked potato is "cooking."

So she perked up a bit at that last mention of herbs and pulled out a recipe she'd written down on a notecard and asked me if I had any tarragon... which I do! Lovely, aromatic French tarragon. And we talked about basil, which she needs one cup of for a recipe (and I don't have that much yet, it being only May) but I told her about my new spicy globe basil plant that's doing well and I'd bring her some of that, too.

So this morning I left her two little ziploc baggies full of spicy basil and French Tarragon. It made me so happy to share some of my little aromatic garden with her, I can't quite explain it.

(And after I snipped some sprigs for Cindi this morning I went over to my yellow crookneck squash plant to look at it in wonder. The little baby is still there and another on the way. Amazing!)


Posted by laurie at May 28, 2009 9:10 AM