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May 6, 2009

If Only Life Were A Musical

Now that I am all the way across the building, Corey and I can no longer chitchat freely so occasionally we have to use the corporate closed-channel IM, which is moderately creepy because someone somewhere in the building sits and reads all the IMs to be sure we're not being humorous or having any fun. It's the corporate version of domestic wiretapping. Luckily, we're two fairly tame renegades, and neither one of us has much time for instant messaging.

But a few days ago we were messaging back and forth about an Excel spreadsheet problem (scintillating!) and that was when I discovered Corey is someone who completely gets my "If life were a musical..." train of thought! I just think life would be better if it were a musical, with ordinary people in ordinary situations suddenly breaking into song and dance:

[ imagine a few boring lines about spreadsheets]
[ not going to repeat them here]
[ too mind-numbingly dull]

I think someone should do a skit that is just IM text. It's OK to read, but can you imagine if we talked like this?

OMG great idea
we should make it a musical

The musical of lost conversation threads
That's a job for Stephen Sondheim

I wish real life were a musical
like at the book fair we would have all broken into song
and yesterday we would be like the factory scene from Carmen

Several folks did start singing at the book fair once the Ella started playing
Have you seen that YouTube of the Antwerp train station?

So she sent me the video below, which of course was blocked at work but I went home at watched it and about peed my pants with glee. (Glee! The new pee!) It made me so happy I squealed like a little child and must have watched it eleventeen times:

Oh, if only life were a musical! Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!

Posted by laurie at May 6, 2009 8:22 AM