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May 22, 2009

Friday! The end of the 405 will come, soon.

The email I've gotten recently has been fascinating. It's like a litmus test in reverse, via email. Or maybe Rorschach blots... each person sees something different, based on how their brain works and what's going on in their lives.

With me, all Rorschach blots look like soft beds where you can sleep a full six hours. I'm busy, and a little sleep-deprived so snoozing sounds great. All week I've been taking a class down by the airport which entails driving two hours each way. That's four hours of sitting on the freeway (in my car, not on the bus), with seven hours in between of filling the brain with code. During class breaks I try to catch up on emails for both my job and my other job. At home, I try to remember to feed everyone and scoop the box and wear something clean and maybe if there's time water the plants. I have a manuscript rewrite that's past due and at the bottom of the pile of to-do's there's this website which gets the dregs of my 6 a.m. one or two paragraph blurts.

A diary like this one is a lot like a photo album. Or, more accurately, it's like a stranger's photo album, and you turn the pages and see a picture here, a smile there, a cake with a candle, a vacation shot, a self-portrait.

And the person who is flipping through the pages looking at some stranger's life fills in the in-between parts with their own ideas, maybe draws some conclusions. But you don't see a snapshot of every minute of every day (and who would want to? this is why I still haven't wrapped my mind around twitter) so it's easy to make assumptions or create a storyline. Except those assumptions are yours and have nothing to do with the person in the photo album. The storyline you create based on a few snapshots probably won't look much like the real movie.

I don't know why that fascinates me but it does! Myself, I love to people watch and I'll make up stories for the people who walk by, I like to "guess" their occupation, their hometown, their secret dreams. It's just for fun.

So this busy, busy week I decided to write little paragraphs here and there instead of leaving the page blank -- little snapshots -- and I've gotten the strangest and funniest email. People wondering if I was going through a terrible emotional break up (no, I'm fine), folks wondering if I was changing jobs (not that I'm aware of), and people letting me know there are support groups for both my spider and earthquake fears (thanks, I'm OK). It's always illuminating to see how something you think is tiny and unremarkable sparks something wholly unexpected in someone else.

Oh, and this has nothing to do with anything but I drank so much peppermint tea yesterday in class that at the end of the day my pee was minty fresh. Wee!

Posted by laurie at May 22, 2009 9:06 AM