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February 16, 2009

Warm hands, happy campers.

My friend Corey and I have become obsessed with knitting handwarmers. The office we work in seems to be cooled to the temperature of the Arctic tundra, and we both like quick little accessory projects (I cannot tell you how much fun it is to have a coworker who knits, too) and after some trial and error we both decided a handwarmer is THE BEST project.

Honestly, it could not be easier. She had on her latest greatest invention recently:


That's some super-cute Lion Brand sock yarn. Isn't it awesome? She said she cast on about 42 stitches on a size 4 or 4.5 needle (but she said they're a little to big and she would cast on less stitches next time, maybe 38.) And you just knit in garter stitch as long as you like, and when you're done fold them over and stitch up the long sides making a tube. Be sure to leave a little opening for your thumb.

I made a really cute pair out of Rowan cotton, but I left them in my car so I didn't take a picture of them. But they're cute. Now I'm trying to find a way to make my own pattern for the same basic thing plus a thumb gusset. It can't be that hard, I'm going to work on some ideas this weekend.

The best part about these is they are so easy! Just knit a rectangle and fold it in half and sew up the long edge, leaving a gap for the thumb. It's like a scarf for the hands!


Posted by laurie at February 16, 2009 7:41 AM