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February 5, 2009

It's very cloudy.... we know this much for sure.

The only big news in Los Angeles right now is the impending doom of RAIN!!! Very exciting. I can't wait to stand outside later tonight and get rained on while awaiting a bus that leaks and spend twelve hours stuck in traffic. Or maybe I am just grumpy! We're very busy at work. There are many art emergencies.

One of the best things about work is New Jersey, my new-ish co-worker who is one of those people who sometimes says the funniest thing you have heard in 22 days. I love people with a sense of humor, I think it's the best quality you can ever find in a human. That and people who have a good relationship with a bar of soap.

Anyway, me and New Jersey spent a good half-hour one day talking about our individual levels of OCD-like behavior. I am most interested in other people's quirks. People who seem quirk-free scare me to no end! They are the sort of people who email you asking for a detailed explanation of HOW and WHY you took a picture of an embarrassing ad on a TV if it was so embarrassing? They are the sort of people who need an in-depth analysis and fact-finding exploratory mission of a dorky elevator story.

[So, one day I was in an elevator. An embarrassing ad come on the TV screen. Everyone in the elevator acted like it wasn't there. I thought it was funny. I kept it to myself. We exited the elevator. Two -- or perhaps three -- days later I was in the elevator alone and the same ad came on the TV, and I took a picture. Of the TV. Using my cellphone which is why it has weird lines on it. I happened to have my cellphone open, I recognized the ad and I felt quite triumphant to have snapped the image but the mechanics of the picture didn't seem the least bit interesting or funny to me. I really only like telling funny stories, not logistical ones. Unless the logistics themselves are the funny part. Which in this story they are not.]

I think I just put my ownself to sleep typing that.

I've never been one much interested in in-depth factfinding. I love to make up facts! I make up facts all the time, usually about mileage, espionage and advertising. I think this is a very Southern quality, one which I am very happy to have in my genetic makeup. I could lose the inherent disposition toward fried foods, mind you, but I am glad I have a storytelling gene.

My dad is an excellent storyteller, and so is My Uncle Truman. My Uncle Skipper used to tell us tall tales when we were kids and with such a straight face you half believed him, no matter how fantastic or unreal the story. I think I miss the days when people didn't all expect you to have footnotes and detailed explanations and wikipedia entries citing all your references. They just laughed at your funny stories.

So it's going to rain today in the City of Angels ... that is an allegedly true fact. The city may come to a complete grinding halt, that is a sad but true fact. And there may or may not be a funny story about it. Who knows! It's quirky out here! Which is exactly how I like it.

Posted by laurie at February 5, 2009 8:46 AM