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January 23, 2009


I'm not sure how ALL my deadlines seem to converge at the same time but they always do. Must be a conspiracy to make me go crazy... oh! by the way, it's working!

When I am really overworked and tired and stressed out I do unique things such as put the remote control away in the refrigerator. Or my old tried and true -- getting into the shower with my socks still on. However, I can tell you who is NOT the least bit stressed out:

The Sobakowa, who sleeps in a ray of sunlight with her little head on a giant pillow. Nothing under 1000 thread count sheets will do.

Speaking of animal farm pictures, my parents have been calling me trying to find out why I haven't commented on the cuteness they sent me via email why why WHY. But my email is broken and I have been too busy all week to spend seven hours on the phone with tech support to discover this new and exciting reason why I am locked out of my mail server, so all I know is there is something very important involving the puppy wearing a hoodie and if I don't see the pictures soon I might get excommunicated from my own family. No pressure!

- - -

Remember last week when an airplane landed in the FREAKING HUDSON RIVER? I was at work and I was in the elevator on the way to a meeting -- we have little TVs in the elevator which usually I think should be tuned to something happy like the Food Network -- but they show news all day and usually it's either talking heads blah blah blahing about politics or it's news of yet another financial collapse, sky is falling, etc. Of course the best times are when you're in the elevator with your boss or say the SVP of Compliance and you are both held captive in the elevator with the loud volume and the TV is playing an erectile dysfunction ad. Yup. Good times.

So anyway, I was in the elevator with a VP from Product and we're staring mutely at the TV when it both dawns on us that is an AIRPLANE sticking out of the RIVER. The next night I was watching the ABC World News because a PLANE was in the RIVER and I saw this woman:


Ya'll, she and I went to high school together. I am not even lying. It's like that time I was watching that TV show "STUDS" and I saw a guy I worked with participating on the show, trying to be one of the STUDS.

Anyway I never knew her that well but as soon as I saw her face I realized two things. ONE: I was glad this person I hardly knew was still alive, and TWO: Some people have aged perhaps better than others and maybe I won't go to the reunion after all unless I discover a fountain of Botox in my backyard. Or win the lotto. Because rich trumps cute any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

- - -

While I have yet to discover the Botox fountain in my yard, or the money tree, you will be shocked and awed to know my poor orange tree which the old gardener Francisco used to prune down to the trunk every spring is now a hearty real live actual tree with green leaves and this year it has multiple (read: more than one) oranges! Real bonafide eatable oranges!

It is my greatest accomplishment to date and I had virtually nothing to do with it at all. And while I don't even like oranges that much but I have been going outside in the DARK of morning and picking one each day to take to work and I have bored all my coworkers silly with the rhapsodizing about my abundance of greenthumbery as I peel and eat my orange each day:


- - -

One last thing...

On the way home from work a few days ago I got behind this behemoth truck with Alaska plates and a bumper sticker that made me laugh:


The bumper sticker had been half-peeled off and the driver was a woman, so I couldn't help but wonder if maybe some previous owner had stuck it there and someone had tried to get it off, bumper stickers have a history of their own, I guess:


I know it's hard to read in the picture but the sticker says, "MY CAR DRINKS JET FUEL AND EATS ASPHALT."

That is so 2008!

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