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January 6, 2009

Donde esta el coffee? Abajo el perro.

So I spent most of the New Year's holiday with this character:


More specifically, I spent my New Year's Eve doing this:


Truly, he was the best date I've had in years! You know I don't really ever talk about dating much on this website but maybe if I were writing another book, maybe, I would throw in a funny story or two. Or ten. Just because honestly some of the goofiest things that have ever happened to me happened in the company of strangers posing as datable men.

I did have an epiphany recently though, about how you have to be responsible for your own happiness and spend time and energy getting to know yourself and not pin your hopes and goals and dreams on some other poor unsuspecting human. Well, honestly, I figured out that part even a few years ago, but the epiphany addendum I had recently was that you must only spend time on other people who are responsible for their own happiness. It's awful being the source of someone's highs and lows, it's too much pressure having someone look to you each day to make them happy. Don't you agree?

Except animals, of course...


That's my parents' dog, and he's so cute and goofy. I love animals. I sometimes used to worry I was one of those eccentric weirdos who like animals more than people and now I have just fully embraced it, because animals are happy. They make you laugh and studies say they lower your blood pressure (and then combine that with the wine studies that make you healthier and we're in business!)

My cats had a field day when I got home sniffing my clothes and making a big dramatic deal out of my socks and the shoes the dog had slobbered all over. Sometimes I look at my cats and I'm so surprised that these little strange creatures live in my house and eat and breathe and sleep (and do not forget poop, oh there is poop!) and we all cohabitate and they're so fluffy and different from each other. Anyone who says animals don't have personalities has never truly loved an animal.

My folks are just nuts about their little dog, and his personality is definitely spoiled rotten. I love how he perks his ears up when you say his name, and he knows words! Like "outside" and "go" and "eat." Dogs are so different from cats but equally happy-making.


That's the cuteness right there.

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