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December 10, 2008

The holidays are in the air and in the mind. And in the hair.

Yesterday at Moskatels I saw a crazy upside-down Christmas tree suspended from the ceiling:

(Click image for a gigantic picture.)

I've always wanted to do an upside-down tree, this one was sparkly and wacky and I really liked it. I have yet to put up my tree and Sobakowa is wondering where the greenery and sparkle is in her honor:

Where is my tree, human?

Doesn't she look ready to launch an invasion, plan a war, create an empire? That cat has a secret life I can only imagine.

And yesterday on the bus I was knitting and I was half-asleep, my sleep deprivation is reaching near-2005 levels at this point, which is insanity, but anyway I looked up in my fugue state and noticed a wisp of yarn fiber from my scarf-in-progress had become airborne and attached itself to the head of the person riding in the seat in front of me.


What a moral dilemma! What to do? I could either remove it, which would involve me touching a stranger's HEAD and also alerting the person I had shed upon them. Which is weird, even by Los Angeles standards. Or I could do nothing and hope for a wind storm.

I won't tell you my decision, but I will tell you we had Santa Anas yesterday, and I trust Mother Nature on these issues....


Only 14 days left until Christmas. Can we call a time-out?

Posted by laurie at December 10, 2008 10:22 AM