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December 8, 2008

Arms and legs and spaces in between

My leg is much better. I'm practically a healing machine, I am certain of it. I have a lot of theories about why my body betrayed me and I have finally decided it's because I haven't been drinking enough, or at all. Sometime back in September I stopped drinking wine (or anything) because I was entering into one of my famously freakish health nut phases where I was purifying with smoothies and flax oil and decaf greet tea and kale. Seriously, one day someone at work asked me if I had eaten anything without kale in a month and the answer was, um, sadly ... no.

So I believe this is my body's way of asking for wine, STAT.

In arm news, I discovered these super cutie cute armwarmers at Target for $10:


There are two reasons why I bought these. One, I loved them. And two, I am certain I can deconstruct the pattern and make a pattern of my own based off these. I know there are probably 176,000 armwarmer patterns on the internet but ya'll know how I can be. I want to make something of my own with trial and error and possible need for felting. Also the upside is that once I figure it out, I can put it here for free to warm all the arms of the world!

It has a thumb gusset, too:


And since my Great Mitten Experiment I am all about the thumb gusset. I think I'll start armwarming away as soon as I finish my current project, and also all other projects, and so one day in 2013 I'll post a pattern.

Just a few days ago my friend Corey and I were talking about our knitting and she and I have both realized we're at an age in life and a level of both maturity and insanity where we might, might, be ready to take on a cardigan. Maybe.

One day. Right after I drink some more wine and pretend I'm not already seven months behind on real life.

Posted by laurie at December 8, 2008 11:49 AM