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November 3, 2008

It's a breath of fresh air -- and we're not used to that around here!

On Saturday it rained -- real rain, not just the little misting fog we sometimes call rain here in Noweatherland. It rained! And on Sunday morning the sun came out and the sky was so blue, the air was washed clean and the plants, the cars, the houses, the trees, even the roads looked clean and fresh. It's like Mother Nature came to Los Angeles and discovered it had a bad case of B.O. and then ... behold the healing powers of a bath! There is nothing more beautiful than Los Angeles after a rain, when air is colorless and the whole city feels shiny and new.

Then there is the Monday after Daylight Savings set-the-clock-back. This is the Monday that takes five hours to get home because the entire happy, shiny city has forgotten how to drive in the dark. Seriously.

Fellow Coworker and I have been trying to alert the new guy at work to this phenomenon but he doesn't believe us, because what major metropolitan area could be dumb enough to forget how to drive in the dark? And he has a point there. But perhaps it is the same metropolitan region that breaks into live coverage of the meltdown on Wall Street to let us, the whole city, know that Britney Spears had her traffic violation dismissed. THANK GOD.

And now there is only one more day left until the election!! I don't think I can wait, the suspense is killing me over here. Do you think Al Gore will win? We are all voting for my boyfriend Al Gore, aren't we? Do you also think one day the Secret Service will send people to my house to see if I am a stalker and a real threat to the only Vice President to ever win a Grammy? The evidence looks bad on the surface -- quiet, keeps to herself, has a herd of felines. But then again our suspect uses paper plates in flagrant defiance of her alleged Al-love and knows more about her patent leather spectator pump footprint that her carbon one. And she is kind of a slatternly stalker, what with the whole "I can't be bothered to drive south of the 10 freeway" thing and her deep distaste of placards.

And of course she carries duct tape in her Jeep. Except there is evidence of the entire Jeep being held together by duct tape and hope, so perhaps she is just a harmless fan. TIME WILL TELL!

I am just kidding about Al Gore. I am voting for Bob for President. Except have you seen the attack ads out against Bob T. cat? They are vicious I tell you what!




Posted by laurie at November 3, 2008 8:17 AM