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November 7, 2008

Friday: I am either the Walrus or the Webmaster. Not sure.

Thank you for all the nice people who gently emailed me to remind me, OH YEAH! I have a sweepstakes open to win Drew's book!

Here is a very funny story for you. I spent a little time last weekend updating my anti-virus software and settings on my laptop, which is the same computer that has FTP access to get into my directories and make changes to things such as say... closing the sweepstakes.

And on Sunday when I went into my little laptop to close the sweepstakes, I noticed, OH NO. I can no longer FTP! All of this is very exciting to you, I am sure. Because I am using fancy words such as "FTP" and also at home I was using very many colorful and fancy cuss words. But because I am a genius, I did not connect the dots between the updated superdooper anti-everyone settings on my laptop and the FTP problem all week long! I just assumed my laptop was mad at me and trying to get a one-way pass to the dump. I have run diagnostics, uninstalled and re-installed FTP, used a different FTP client, all to no avail. Then one of the tech guys at work said, "Have you checked your firewall settings?" And I said, "Do I have a firewall?"

And then after some re-adjusting of the alleged firewall I got my access back! Which is awesome because I totally FIXED the problem! Nevermind that I also totally CREATED the problem. The greater achievement is that I could solve a problem created by such a clever technical wizard. Clearly.

Also, next laptop I am so getting a mac.

Congratulations to my three winners: Denise in Irvine, Karen from Virginia and Melissa from lovely Mississippi!

Have a great weekend everyone. Let me know if you need me to come fix ya'lls computers, OK?

Posted by laurie at November 7, 2008 11:03 AM