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October 27, 2008

Sweepstakes, complaining and TV

Since it's Monday and that seems like a harmonious day to keep things open, not closed, I decided to keep the giveaway alive for one more day. You can still enter to win right here >

Thanks to everyone for entering so far and thanks to Allison at SuperCrafty.com for providing the yarn for the giveaway and to all the folks at KnitPicks.com for providing the knitting needles.

- - -

Because I am a total Her Nerdsalot, I have my homepage set to weather.com and not just any weather.com but the personalized version where I have my city set plus my weather watch list so I can see not just the weather in the Valley but downtown, too! And keep an eye on the weather of Paris and Madrid and a few other places because.. I need to know. I am a little obsessed with weather (Fun fact! I was the weathergirl at my college's TV station. Yup. I wore a lot of hairspray and talked about ridges of high pressure like I knew. Like I KNEW.) So with all my nerdiness I am well aware that other parts of this great nation are getting SNOWED UPON and it is cold somewhere but here in Sunny Hell we're experiencing mild to scorching temperatures, all in a few hours' time span. It's cold in the morning, pleasant at 9:42 a.m. and then the rest of the day it's 95 degrees.

I understand that October is usually warm, but it is now October 27th, and that is practically November. Dear Mother Nature, please get the memo! I have hand-knit scarves to wear! Also, my admission of college-TV-weathergirl guilt should explain my fascination with the weather. No?

- - -

The best invention for the innernet besides pictures of cats in sweaters and Google maps is that you can now watch TV online! Free! I have mentioned hulu.com before, which is great except I got lots of complaints from people who said they couldn't see it outside the U.S., I don't know why they were complaining to ME since I can't fix the innernet or the weather because if I could you know it would be 72 degrees in Los Angeles today, but anyway. I recently discovered you can also watch full-length episodes of ABC shows on abc.com.

Instead of taking on new TV I've had to declutter my life of shows ... it was either that or stop sleeping. I have super limited TV viewing time so I've had to cut out more and more TV until my little Tivo Season Pass list looked just lonely. I think it was down to Oprah and The Closer. But even though I had to cut out Survivor and every CSI (that alone was four hours of TV a week) I did decide last year to Tivo two new shows -- New Amsterdam and Women's Murder Club, both of which were almost immediately canceled.

I am kind of the death knell for new TV, it seems. Whoops.

This year I was mad at TV and decided not to watch anything new, at all, the end, and then I saw promos for a show called "Life on Mars" which looked just funky enough to be intriguing. So I watched the first episode but forgot to Tivo the second one. That is how I ended up watching it online at abc.com. Cool! Now I added it to my season passes which I am sure means the show will be canceled in about a week if it isn't being canceled as I write this very sentence.

- - -

The Dictator atop her throne.
Throne is looking a little rough around the edges...

Posted by laurie at October 27, 2008 8:44 AM