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October 28, 2008

It's still a billion degrees, just in case you were wondering...

Congratulations to the six winners from my Misti Alpaca/Harmony wood knitting needles sweepstakes! Laina in Massachusetts won the yarn, and the winners of the five sets of needles were: Michelle in Illinois, Dahlia in California, Whitney in Virginia, M. in Arkansas and Emily in Michigan. I've sent emails to all the winners so if your name is here -- check your inbox! Thanks to everyone for entering so far and big BIG thanks to Allison at SuperCrafty.com for providing the yummy Misti Alpaca for the giveaway and to all the folks at KnitPicks.com for providing the gorgeous Harmony Wood knitting needles.

I meant to announce all this earlier today but forgot I would be at the dentist this morning. Not that the dentist itself as a morning isn't bad enough but let me tell you about AWKWARD ... because if there is a way to take something to the next level of Awkward, I am your girl. I am the one who got her eyebrows waxed the day BEFORE a job interview once. I looked like my eyebrows had a social disease. I am all about the awkward.

ANYWAY. Mr. X and I used to go to the same dentist, who I still go to. I just assumed that after spending an arm and a leg and someone else's arm and leg on credit to get once-and-for-all dissolutioned in a court of law, it would be OBVIOUS that he would have to change dentists. DUH! It would be the only right thing to do especially what with the "one of us got remarried one month after the divorce was final and I will let you decide which one of us it was."

So there I am after getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist's office this morning waiting for the dentist to come in and poke around and scold me because I need a filling. And imagine my surprise when my friend Mindy -- the receptionist at the dentist's office -- walks in instead of Dr. Dentist and says, "Um, Hi! I rebooked you for Thursday for your filling and you can talk to the dentist then and you might want to leave RIGHTNOW, REALLY." And that is when I discovered le ex-hubby was on his way in for a cleaning at MY dentist! MINE!! I am not sure if he read between the lines of the fine print on the divorce papers but I am pretty sure it said he got a new wife, I got the cats and the DENTIST.

So I fled the scene of the fluoride. It has been quite a morning I tell you what.

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