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October 9, 2008

This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

So I started knitpurling along on my quest for perfect seed stitch on my Misti Alpaca scarf. THIS YARN IS SO SOFT I WANT TO EAT IT. And you can see here my mad scribbling trying to come up with a cable pattern that I would like and work on my stitches with my big ol' seed stitch border:


The pattern, whatever it was going to be, had to be simple enough that I could divert brain energy away from counting and pattern-remembering. I do believe I have mentioned before that I am not a multi-tasker, I am not someone who can focus really well on more than one task at a time. (I read a study recently that said no one really multi-tasks, they just stop doing one thing and start doing another. I believe this is true because can I tell you how many times I have been on the phone with someone and you can sense the exact moment they begin to "multitask" and start reading their email? You know it's happened because they've essentially dropped out of the conversation. I am guilty of this, too, but anyway. Science, etc.)

Most of my knitting time is on the bus commute to and from work. That is also my foreign-language learnin' time (right now I'm learning French and thus far I can say with great enthusiasm, "I want some beer or some wine now please!" so I think I am practically fluent.) The Pimsleur language stuff on my iPod is very repetitious, so I can knit while listening to it, I just can't knit anything complicated. I figured a nice cable pattern would do the trick because I'm all wonky and I don't care if my cable turns perfectly every ten rows, if it twists just when I remember to do it that is fine by me.

Seed stitch seemed to be looking good so I was going to continue that up the middle between the cables and on the side so it didn't roll. Except I didn't plan very well what it would look like and it's just funky. I wish I would have done a reverse stockinette inside, between my two cables (I also wish I would have increased four stitches instead of just two before my cable rows started, since it's pulling in more than I anticipated.)

This is the mess, avec yogurt and tea:

By the way, see those amazing beautiful knitting needles? Those are the KnitPicks Harmony Wood straight needles, and I LOVE them. Stay tuned, next week I'm doing a give-away of five sets of these beauties!

Maybe I am lazy or maybe I am just ... uh, tres lazee, but I LOATHE unraveling my knitting. This is why so many of my swatches turn into scarves. I'm thinking I might try that technique I have heard fancypants real knitting people do where you take a long straight needle and place it through the stitches right around the area of the scarf you want to unravel down to (Lordy that sentence made no sense at all, even to me.) I want to rip the stitches out just in the cabled area and re-work them without re-knitting all the seed stitch at the border, so I might try it. If you have ever tried that technique let me know if you have any tips I should be aware of beforehand or if you have soothing suggestions for accompanying chocolate to go along with that pile of unravely un-fun.

Bob avec tour eiffel. He likes to unravel yarn and eat it, too.

Posted by laurie at October 9, 2008 8:46 AM