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October 14, 2008

Smoke in my eyes, lotion on my hands

This morning I drove into work and as I pulled out of the neighborhood, there were folks out watering down their rooftops. I wondered to myself, do I have the right shoes for that? And how does one get on the rooftop, anyway?

But we're not in danger right now, I hope, I think, the fire is burning quite a bit north of me and right now I just have ash and the smell of smoke everywhere.

New Jersey came in this morning as another co-worker and I were talking about the fires and he said, "Oh man, I know! I woke up yesterday morning and I smelled smoke and I thought my apartment [in Santa Monica, FAR from the fires] was on fire. I don't even light candles that often! So I looked around everywhere and since it wasn't my apartment I figured it was someone else's, so I went to be a hero and I sniffed door-to-door looking for the fire, but I couldn't find it. So then I went to breakfast and the air everywhere smelled like smoke! So I finally had to ask someone. They said it was off somewhere far away, in a valley."

"Um, it's in THE Valley," I said. "The one we live in..." I pointed to me and my other Valley-livin' co-worker.

"Oh, so can you smell smoke there too?"

"I have ash an inch deep on my yard. It's a little smokey," I said.

"My sister and her kids evacuated and they're at my house, for now anyway," said Co-worker.

"Whoa," said New Jersey. "That's crazy!"

"Well, it's fire season," I said.

"You have a FIRE SEASON?"

"You live here now, WE have a fire season. We're in it," I said.

"This place is crazy," he said. "But hey, at least it never rains."

And we still didn't tell him that it will rain, one day, when he least expects it.

Of course, it sure would be nice if it rained today. I really do not have the right shoes for rooftop-climbing!

Let's all just close our eyes and think of catnip.

- - -

Um, so! I am apparently a little crazy and stressed out right now. Understandable, I think, but I've realized through trial and error and possibly hiding under my desk that I am not in a happy, balanced place to accept cheerful critique at this time so comments are closed for now. I really appreciate the understanding. I just need a little quiet time. I'm sure I will pull it all together again very soon. It may involve shoe shopping, this "pulling it all together." Who's to say.

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