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October 1, 2008

Bonjour October!

Thanks to everyone who chimed in yesterday for a copy of The Reincarnationist and congrats to Henley and Debbie who each won a copy of the book. There is nothing like free things in volatile times to make you say whut whut ... except for maybe some outdated rap slang!

And there will be even mo' better blues... I mean giveaways,.... coming to this here website very soon and they are knitting related. Hooray for knitting in volatile times!

Speaking of both, I finished this super-simple garter stitch scarf over the weekend:



I made this using two skeins (I think it was two although it may have been three) of the JoAnn's "Sensations" brand yarn called "Licorice" in the red color. I love this yarn, and I used it on one of my big chunky beret patterns. I cast on 25 stitches on a size 13 needle and went to garter town. This yarn has so much texture already that it turned out really funky and thick. I made it wider than usual, sometimes a simple scarf done on a much larger scale is a real piece of work!

Right now I'm trying to decide what kind of fabulicious scarf I want to make out of this:


That's GORGEOUS Misti Alpaca chunky from SuperCrafty.com and I actually spent part of my Saturday winding four hanks of this into little center-pull balls. As far as I know I have not suffered a head injury yet I chose to do this activity all the same. I'll have to check with my parents and see if they dropped me as a child...


This yarn is so soft, I have a feeling it will become my most favorite scarf ever. But I'm not sure what pattern I want to use for it. I thought of doing a seed stitch or modified seed stitch but now I've decided I really just want a big wide seed stich border but I want the body of the scarf to be a different kind of pattern. Have any suggestions? I think I have some time to decide, seeing as it's still over 100 degrees out here in Swelterville. I understand that by admitting I live in the armpit of the scorching bubbling core of hell several readers will immediately ask me WHY I need an alpaca scarf. And to that I say, let us use logic, shall we? For example, YOU only have two feet -- why do YOU need more than one pair of shoes? That is logic right there, if only you sort of look at it from the glass half full of wine perspective, e pluribus unum, etc. INDEED. Also I do plan to travel to cold places ... like Santa Monica. And maybe Malibu. heh.

Finally, I have decided to wait and see on the Rosetta Stone. Realistically I can't see myself spending even more time in front of the computer than I already do without getting up even earlier in the morning and if I do that I'll be getting up about ten minutes after I go to sleep. Besides I'm not moving to a new country poste haste, at least not as far as I know, but it's a weird time out there folks. Who knows. Do they have a stable economy in Greenland? I hear I can wear handknits there. So, instead of running out to buy the Rosetta Stone I'm listening to my Pimsleur language recordings on my ipod, which is working well and I can combine it with my commute, always a good thing.

And Finally number two, the REAL Finally, I was trying to take a picture of my bookshelf for a thing I am writing in which I actually answer email (Hell-- freezing over??) (No, not according to Dallas Raines, sadly) and then I saw Sobakowa looking cute, so I was trying to take her picture and as usual Miss Frankiepants had to be the center of attention. This picture turned out so funny I might frame it:

If Soba were a person, she'd be really dangerous.

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