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September 11, 2008

And the dalmation rides for free

A while back Faith and I were in Michael Levine's fabric store (BEST fabric store in all of the garment district, amazing, really) and I found this awesome, hilarious, unbelievable fabric of what appear to be ripped hot firemen in various states of undress:

hot fireman material
Click for a huge image. HUGE. heh.

And I really thought we shouldn't let such a quality FIND go home with anyone else so I kept trying to think of things I could make with this hot fireman treasure trove, as it were.

"I could make pillowcases maybe," I said. "Except what would male visitors to my house think of that? Is that off-putting? To see a girl with a herd of cats and some smarmy pillowcases?"

"Oh my God you should make curtains," said Faith.

"You think?" I asked. "Because... really...?"

"YES," she said. "CURTAINS!"

And we laughed and I thought this was a pretty great idea. Then it struck me ...

"Oh you know what!" I said. "This will be my big experiment with The Secret!! I'll make these curtains out of HOT FIREMEN and I'll hang them in my house and I'll look at the every day like a ... like a curtainy VISION BOARD and I'll wait and let the law of attraction -- and I do mean attraction!! -- bring me the hot partially clothed fireman of my dreams!!"

Then we laughed. Because this was FUNNY in the middle of the fabric store, yammering on and on about naked firemen and self-help in the same sentence.

And then it kind of dawned on me and I remembered who I am.

"Oh Faith I can't make curtains out of this!" I said. "This is ME we are talking about and with my luck MY HOUSE WILL CATCH ON FIRE."

"Oh yeah," she said, knowledgeable about my brand of luck. "You're totally right. See if you can find some half-naked men handing over Lottery checks or something!"

Ah my friend Faith. Ever the optimist!

Be careful what you wish for....

Posted by laurie at September 11, 2008 8:34 AM