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September 19, 2008

That's so corny

I made cornbread and I declare, it is GOOD! In fact, I made two pans of cornbread (since I had the ingredients out and all...) but in the end I didn't use my dad's recipe because it called for more eggs than I had in the fridge. I went online and did some searching and found this recipe which we'll call cornbread #1, and this low-fat recipe which we'll call cornbread #2. I made some changes to the recipes and they both turned out pretty darn good all the same.

Mostly I added and subtracted a bit -- to both recipes I added in some very finely chopped red bell pepper, some finely chopped jalapeno (YUM) and a whole lot of frozen niblet corn. Yes, I added it in frozen and it was just fine. Each recipe was baked in a 9" round nonstick cake pan that I sprayed with some canola spray.

Here is how cornbread #1 came out:

The other main changes I made here were to decrease the oil called for in the recipe a little bit and I made up the difference with kefir, which is all I had on hand but you could use buttermilk, too. I also used plain unsweetened yogurt in place of the sour cream. I added in the red peppers and frozen corn, not creamed corn and, stirred it all in the batter (instead of layering it.) Um, I guess in the end it's a different recipe altogether! The first time I made this a few weeks ago I stirred in a big helping of shredded monterey jack cheese but I thought the end result was way too greasy so I left it out this time around.

Here is how cornbread #2 came out:
Not pretty, but very tasty!

Cornbread #2 had a better taste (I think I put more frozen corn in it, so it was sweeter and also it was lighter in texture) but the bottom stuck to the pan. What you see in the picture is the poor naked bottom of my cornbread. I'd definitely make this recipe again except I'd line the pan with parchment first.

I followed this recipe pretty much to the letter and then I added in my peppers, jalapenos and frozen corn. Just dumped it all in the batter and stirred to get everything mixed up and then put it in the pan to bake. Making two pans of cornbread took about ten minutes total, plus of course the cooking time.

It's REALLY easy to make cornbread. I prefer mine to be savory with no extra sugar or honey and I like it to be 100% cornmeal (some recipes call for 1/2 cornmeal and 1/2 flour, which gives it a cake-like consistency that it not typical of Southern cornbread and isn't my favorite.) You can substitute plain, unsweetened yogurt for a lot of the fat called for in most cornbread recipes. I had a friend once tell me she added applesauce to hers instead of all the oil, but I have never tried that (I guess if you like sweet cornbread, that could be a good trick!)

Plus cornbread freezes really well -- I cut up one of my experimentations and froze it in individual pieces. The rest I've been having all week with this Chicken and White Bean Chili recipe I got off Epicurious.com. This chili is sooooo yummy! It's a really filling meal, perfect for re-heating in the microwave at work and goes great with cornbread. Not bad for Sunday afternoon cooking!


Posted by laurie at September 19, 2008 9:04 AM