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September 5, 2008

Hot town summer in the city! In September!


Hello, Dallas Raines, lookin' good my man!

It's going to be over 100 degrees again today. I know in my logical-thinking brain that this is just our weather, and September and October are usually our hottest moths of summer. But in my little "I want it to be THIS WAY" brain, I still think September should mean crisp autumn air and football games and new notebooks and a little bit of chill in the mornings, almost unexpected after the long summer. Tennessee has some of the best seasons of anywhere I ever lived, there is nothing like a September in Tennessee, and later as the leaves change and it's cool every morning you know winter is coming.

The best part about autumn used to be getting all your new school supplies. I LOVED that day. We'd go to the store and get what was on the list and then my parents would let me pick up one or two notebooks just for myself. I usually filled them all up before school even started. My favorites were the old black and white composition books because they were never actually required at any school I attended and therefore seemed somehow not childish at all, but they were harder to write in than spiral notebooks. I still haven't lost my addiction to spiral notebooks, I carry one with me everywhere I go. Lately I've found these plain spiral notebooks with a plastic cover, they're more durable and can endure banging around in my bag all day.

(There's also part of my shopping list and a recipe for cornbread of epicurious because my dad's recipe for cornbread is locked inside his mind and he didn't pick up the phone when I IMMEDIATELY needed to know what to buy at the store to make cornbread this weekend. I just need buttermilk and eggs, I think I have everything else at home. Including his recipe... somewhere.)

Yes, even though it is NOT autumn and NOT chilly and NOT crisp at all, I am still going to make cornbread this weekend and maybe some rice and beans. My repertoire in cooking is pretty limited but I'm trying to break out of my burned, crispy microwaveable box and try new things. I'm also trying to sneak healthy crap like Kale into my meals and it seems to cook down in stews, maybe I can mask it inside some black beans or something. When I take the time on the weekend to do some shopping & chopping and make something nutritious I feel so happy about it, and then I'm not struggling all week to find decent things to eat and I feel like I am at least making some effort toward my well-being. Because it's not like the treadmill is exactly running on its own you know:


Yeah, I thought that's how it worked, too!

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